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                   Paint Correction

Machine polishing is a great way to bring your paint work back to a lustre.
Over time your paint is subjected to a lot of punishment. Road grime, acid-rain, bird droppings, sun light even poor washing all leave there mark on your paintwork slowly making your paint look dull and faded.

50/50 picture of a machine polished bonnet
Machine polishing is better than polishing by  hand as it breaks the polish down better by generating heat. Meaning  most defects  will come out to reveal a great shine.
I carry a range of polishes to get the best finish I can.
                                       Even minor scratches will come out.  Leaving your paint work ready for a wax/sealant.

This is for a single stage paint correction.  A single stage will remove upto  95% of swirls and lite scratches.

                    From  £150