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                              Used Car Detail

This detail is great if your vehicle is a few years old.
As it has been designed with the used car in mind to put the paintwork back into as good a showroom condition as it can be.

With cleaning, treating and protecting every surface and panel of your vehicles bodywork.

  • Pre wash vehicle with ph neutral snow foam.
  • Wash bodywork with a ph neutral wash solution.
  • Clean wheels with non-acid wheel cleaner.
  • Dry bodywork with a microfiber drying towel.
  • clay vehicle to remove any paint contamination, Industrial fallout.
  • Measure paint thickness.
  • Machine polish paint work.
  • Apply a wax/sealant that is suitable for the bodywork.
  • Clean all trim ready for trim restorer.
  • Apply trim restorer to all trim.
  • Dress tyres.
  • Polish and seal wheels.
  • Polish chrome trim (exhaust tips).
  • Apply window sealant.


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